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(Pre-Order) Pink Bow Sticker

(Pre-Order) Pink Bow Sticker

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★ Please note this is a pre-order and will only ship out January 6th.  
*Please note image is a mockup and the final sticker will vary slightly and the clear backing will not be noticeable at all in final production. 

1.5" x 1.2"

★ Die Cut Sticker made from premium glossy CLEAR vinyl

★  Clear vinyl is a technique used to create a CLEAR backing to the sticker - giving the appearance that the sticker has no background!

★ Vinyl material will withstand any kind of weather, will hang on through the dishwasher, and are UV protected so they will stay shiny and vibrant for up to 4 years.

★ Vinyl stickers are the OG multipurpose sticker. This material is strong, reliable, and versatile, perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

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  • What We're Made Of

    All our stickers are made from premium vinyl. This remarkable material stands strong against the test of time, showcasing excellent durability and weather-resistance for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • How Durable Are We?

    Our vinyl stickers are water, weather, and UV-proof with a glossy laminate finish and can survive 2-4 years outdoors before they even begin to show wear!

  • Are We Removable?

    Our vinyl stickers can be easily removed, if you need extra help a trusty product is Goo-Gone! You'll never even know we were there.